Apex Legends Pro Settings, Gear List & Sensitivity Setup (2021)

Apex legends is a team-focused game. It is a free to play, class-based, first-person shooter, battle royale. It is based in the Titanfall Universe. There are a total of 60 players, three players in each squad, and a total of 20 squads in each match. The goal of the game is to survive until the end, and the map shrinks as the game progresses. Being through with the basics, in this article, we will talk about the settings that will help you achieve the best performance in Apex Legends Pro.

apex legends pro settings

Apex Legend Pro Settings

Before even getting into the Apex settings, if you want to play with the best FPS (Frames Per Second), you must have the latest GeForce Experience Drivers for your graphics card. These settings are ideal for a 1080 graphics card. However, they work quite well on a 760 graphics card too. 

Display Settings

Now in the Apex legends pro settings, keep the Display Mode on full screen. It adds an extra 30 FPS as compared to when it’s windowed. As with the Aspect Ratio, you want to keep that at 16:9. Resolution should be kept at 1768 x 992 as you get a 50 FPS boost, and the video quality does not differ that much.

Screen Stability

We recommend the Field of View on 100, but there’s not much difference, so it’s down to you to decide. Now, keep the Sprint View Shake on minimal. So, when you’re running in the game, you’re able to see the surroundings as much as possible. Otherwise, the screen is going to shake a lot. 

Smooth Video

Disabling the V-Sync will help you gain the maximum FPS. While keeping it on any other setting will restrict the FPS to a certain level. Interestingly, enabling or disabling the Anti-Aliasing does not make much difference in the FPS. But if you keep the TSAA ‘ON’, everything is a little smoother. You do lose an FPS, but the difference in quality is really worth it. In the end, it is up to you to decide to keep it ON or OFF, but we highly recommend having it ON.

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Minimal Settings

Now, Texture Streaming Budget should be kept at 6GB and Texture Filtering on Bilinear. These don’t affect the FPS that much. But keeping them like this is ideal for the best quality of the game. Ambient Occlusion Quality, Sun Shadow Coverage, Sun Shadow Detail, Spot Shadow Detail, Volumetric Lighting, and Dynamic Spot Shadows, all of these do not make a massive difference in FPS. Although having them in the lowest possible settings gives the best view possible. 

Fun Details

Now, after disabling the Impact Marks, the last option is Ragdolls. It focuses on how beautiful your dead body is going to look once your character dies. So if you want to die like a diva, keep that on high.

Apex Legend Pro Settings Side Effects

Now, Model Detail helps with the scenery and does not affect anything else because we at Tech Fus implement them. So, we prefer keeping it low. Similarly, Effects Detail focuses on the explosions and doesn’t affect the FPS. So we also prefer to keep it low. 

Final Words

By following these simple instructions of apex legends pro settings, you can achieve the best gaming experience. So you ought to try it. Make sure to share your experience with us.

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