Benjyfishy Fortnite Settings, Sensitivity & Keybinds Setup (2021)

Fortnite Battle Royale is incomplete without Benjyfishy Fortnite Settings who is a well-known Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and Fortnite Pro player. Benjy David Fish is the complete name of this young player who belongs to the United Kingdom. He was born on April 2, 2004, and currently, he is playing for NRG Esports. Game players throughout the world are amazed by the extraordinary performance of this young Fortnite player.

He regularly streams on The best part of his gaming experience is that he has qualified for the European region up to 4 times. It is hard to believe that how a young player can perform tremendously well in the game. With millions of subscribers on YouTube, his fans desperately want to know about Benjyfishy settings in Fortnite.

Benjyfishy Fortnite settings

Benjyfishy Fortnite Settings for Mouse

Every player believes in his own settings and controls in the game. The mouse settings of Benjyfishy are based on his gaming skills and experience in TechFus. Benjyfishy has set DPI to 800. The x-axis sensitivity is fixed at 14.0% while the y-axis sensitivity is also 14.0%. The polling rate is fixed at 500 Hz. Benjyfishy has selected the targeting sensitivity to 50.0% and last but not the least the scope sensitivity is also set to 50. 0%. With these mouse settings, you can play like Benjyfishy in Fortnite.

Benjyfishy Keybind settings

When we talk about the keybinds of Benjyfishy then these are set very carefully. Every game player has his own experience and he has learned a lot through every single game and the same is the case with Benjyfishy. He has set Q for the wall, mouse 5 for the floor, and C for stairs. For the roof, the key is F. The Trap is set to key V. In order to crouch, you need to press L-Ctrl. You need to press R when you want to reload and the map in Fortnite will be in front of your eyes by pressing M.

Now let’s talk about the weapon slots. The weapon slot 1 is set to 2 while weapon slots 2, 3, 4, and 5 are set to keys 3, 4, 5, and Z respectively. Finally, the harvesting tool is set on 1 by Benjyfishy. With these keybinds, you will definitely play like Benjyfishy in Fortnite.

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Benjyfishy video settings

Those who want to know about the display and graphics settings of Benjyfishy will find valuable information in the following lines. The window mode is selected full screen and the FPS is set to 240. Benjyfishy uses 100% brightness to play Fortnite. Along with that, the view distance is selected epic. The anti-aliasing and the shadows both should be turned off throughout the game.

On the other hand, the settings of effects and textures are low to have wonderful performance in the game. Make sure don’t forget to turn off the motion blur option because it is very important for every player who wants to play just like Benjyfishy. By following these video settings you will not only improve your gaming skills but also play the game with more passion and dedication.

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