CS Go Settings, Gear List & High FPS Guide for Pro Players (2021)

If you are a diehard fan of CS Go then you must customize the settings of the game as per your needs. It is very important to change the settings a little bit so that you will be able to perform your best in the game. Here are some CS Go Settings that you must try.

cs go settings

CS Go Settings for Mouse

We recommend increases the acceleration of your mouse from the windows settings this will help you play the game precisely. However, if you want full control of your mouse, then it is advised to turn the acceleration off so that windows stop tampering with your settings.

Right Mouse DPI for CS Go

Before applying the right DPI from Tech Fus, you must go for the gaming mouse as it helps in the gameplay big time. DPI means Dot per Inch. In other words, it means how many pixels can be moved with mouse gliding.

Mouse with 400 to 800 DPI requires more muscle memory and this setting is brilliant and precise when it comes to gameplay. The mouse that comes with 1000-3000 DPI involves more wrist movement. Go for both the extremities when it comes to DPI and sees what suits you as everyone has their reference in mouse DPI when it comes to DPI.

Video CS Go Pro Settings

The video settings is another crucial factor that needs to be customized for better gaining experience. Here are the settings that need modifications:

  • Shaded detail needs to remain low
  • Texture Detail should be set on low
  • The Global Shadow quality should remain low
  • Anti-Aliasing mode should ideally be turned off
  • Power saving mode should be disabled
  • Vertical sync should be disabled
  • Multicore Rendering should be enabled in the setting
  • Keep the Texture Filtering mode in Bilinear.
  • Keep the display mode on full screen as this can help you play the game with utmost precision

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What is the best resolution and Aspect Ratio in CS Go Pro Settings?

If you have ever gone through the gameplay of the top CS gamers then you must have noticed that their screen resolution is never perfect. The screen is pretty zoomed in and probably very low quality as well. The players who have been playing the game for a long time use old monitors and the accessories that they are most comfortable with.

Here are some of the aspect ratios that players go for:

  • 16:10 is mostly used on the new technology monitors
  • 16:9 ratio is the most common aspect ratio that has been used in the by both new and old player
  • 4:3 aspect ratios are preferred in old Counterstrike players. It is known to cause the stretched screen

Though 16:10 aspect ratio is the most common screen stretch but most players who have been playing the game from a long time go for the 4:3 ratios which magnify the screen and shows the approach of the enemy in the gameplay better.

Final Words

Screen resolution and screen sensitivity depend on the preference of the user. Some people like high resolution while others go for low resolution. Choose the right value as per your preference and with what comforts your eyes.

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