Download Clash of Lights APK {Latest Version} for Android & IOS (2021)

Clash of Lights is a private server of the most popular strategic game Clash of Clan on Android. As it is a strategic game, therefore, new strategies and a strong army are needed to compete. The well-equipped army can be deployed only by using gems and gold.

Traditionally, there are two ways to get these gems either to spend weeks or months learning strategies or consume real money for buying these gems. But there is another way to get all these resources without paying any penny within a few minutes by downloading the clash of clans’ private servers. There are many servers, but Clash of Lights is the best among them, which allows you to get all the necessary resources to compete.

clash of lights

Clash of Lights

In Clash of Lights, battles are different as compared to the original CoC because some elements like buildings, units, and elixir speed have been modified as per the configuration for the server. There are many benefits of Clash of Lights; it offers unlimited gaming resources like gold, gems, stones, and elixirs, etc. Different strategies can be attained to build towns and villages in a shorter period. You can use the maximum resources to maintain a peaceful and healthy environment for villagers. The well-equipped army can be deployed in battlegrounds.

In Clash of Clans, developing a big town hall eats up your precious time. But with this server, you can do it within seconds, and it can unlock 12 other town-halls too. Heroes play a vital role in winning a war. Unlocking many heroes, creating customized superheroes by combining 2 or more hero’s powers, can now be done easily in the coc lights. It will make you remain on top of the list always.

Server Features

You can upgrade your game to lights servers easily anytime without any fear and wait. A live chat feature is available in this modification. Lights server also offers a one vs. one battles feature. That makes this modification more exciting than the original one. It provides a high-speed and light server that means there is a minimum load on your device’s RAM. Therefore it is very famous among worldwide gamers; you can find many players whenever you are online on this server.

The coc lights has a total of 5 servers, and each server has its unique features. These include:

  • Clash of Lights S1
  • Clash of Lights S2
  • Clash of Lights S3
  • Clash of Lights S4
  • Clash of Lights S13

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How to Install Clash of Lights?

To enjoy Clash of Clan with these fantastic features, obviously, first, you need to download the official app along with the Clash of Lights APK then open that APK file to install from TechFus. There is no need for Jailbreak for coc lights. Because of its fantastic response time, more than 50% of Clash of Clans players use coc server.


Are you ready to join millions of players worldwide? Get ready to build your own village. And not only that, but you can also build and raise your own clan. And what will you do after training your clan? Of course, you will be ready to face epic clan wars? Is this something that excites you? Why waiting? Download it now. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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