Download GTA 5 APK {OBB + Data Files} for Android & IOS (2021)

GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, and it is one of the most popular games nowadays. It was released in 2013, and with every coming day, its popularity is increasing. In the beginning, it was available only for PC users, but now you can play it on any smartphone too. So, get ready to play your favorite game GTA 5 APK, anywhere you want. This game is now available for mobiles. Looks interesting, right?. Let’s discuss its mobile features.

gta 5 apk


No matter you use iPhone or Android mobile, GTA 5 APK runs on all smartphones. GTA 5 APK has exciting and innovative graphics that gives an exceptional look to the game. With just 1 GB RAM, this game runs on any device. It neither requires more space on your mobile nor uses much data, as compared to other games.

Nowadays, renowned YouTubers do live streaming of this game on their YouTube channels. They do racing, role play, and much more for their followers. People love to watch all this to get more fun of this game and practice the moves they play.


How to Download GTA 5 on Android?

  • Click download button
  • After download, open the OBB file
  • Extract OBB files
  • Paste the OBB in the data file folder
  • Open the game and enjoy

Basics of GTA 5 APK

It is an exciting online game providing the opportunity for multiple players to play the game together online. In this game, we are guiding Tech Fus, the players have to complete different missions. GTA 5 APK features incredible driving and the latest shooting equipment. These new features have made this game fun for you. The main reason for this game’s popularity is that company adds new features in this game on every update.

What’s New?

Keeping the legacy of previous versions, some new, attractive, and fantastic features are added in this one. To make your traveling a thrill, it provides you with more advanced vehicles. Furthermore, the number of weapons is increased. You can use different weapons that you may require on various occasions. You can also alter the weapons conveniently according to the situation.

Plot and characters

The plot of this version is the same as it was in GTA 4 APK. The story of the game is also not changed. The story revolves around three main characters:  Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. Some other characters are also involved in the game’s theme.

Story Line

The central theme of the game is violence, theft, racing, and drugs. People enjoy playing this game because they are free to do anything in the game according to their will. Related to the theme of the game, the player has to accomplish the task of stealing sometimes. The players have advanced weapons and machines in GTA 5 APK as compared to previous versions.

GTA 5 APK Graphics

The graphics of GTA 5 APK are so excellent and improved than the previous ones. Many cars, designs, characters, and graphics give an impression of reality. You’ll witness high-quality graphics in this version. The player has full control over his vehicle, which was just a dream in previous versions of GTA. 

Final words

Every stage is full of enjoyment and exciting experiences. With up-gradation to the next stage, the fun and thrill also increase. The reason is that more exciting tasks are coming your way at every stage. The sounds used in the game give a sensation of a more real-life journey. So play GTA 5 APK, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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