Faze Sway Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Gear List List Setup (2021)

I am sure most of us are aware of Fortnite. Thousands of people play it every day but not all hold expertise in it. Faze sway is a professional player of a popular game Fortnite. He is known in the gaming world as a top controller player. Faze Sway also upload his gaming content on his YouTube channel. His extraordinary performance in Fortnite is a ray of hope for all the beginners that they can improve massively in this gameplay. Let’s find out Faze Sway Fortnite Settings bellow.

faze sway fortnite settings

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings

Every player customizes the settings according to their preference. With these settings which we discuss on Tech Fus, players will be able to win any Fortnite round without much hassle. Here is video and game setting Faze Sway use in the game:

  • The Resolution he uses is 1920 by 180 by 16:9
  • The windows mode for the game in Full Screen
  • His Frame limit is 240 FPS
  • His 3D resolution is set to 100%
  • The Color-Blind mode is set to Tritanope with 10 level strength
  • He turns off some settings such as Shadows, Antialiasing, and Vsync.
  • Settings for Texture, Post Processing, and Effects are kept to low
  • The Multithread Rendering setting is on when he plays the game.
  • Faze keeps the motion blur setting to off during the gameplay
  • The setting that comes under the heading of the HUD scale is kept on 60% by him.

Benefits of Settings

The game setting holds the utmost importance for Faze Sway because the optimum customization in the same settings can help the player big time in winning the game. Here are the Faze Sway settings:

  • His Look Horizontal Speed for the game is 44-0% Boost.
  • The Look Vertical Speed that he uses is 44-0% Boost
  • The sensitivity of Build Mode that Faze Sway uses is 2.0 X
  • The Edit Mode Sensitivity that he uses for the gameplay is also 2.0 X
  • The sensitivity curve for his game player is linear
  • The Sprint by Default and Build Immediately settings are turned on
  • He set Aim Assist setting to 100%
  • His advanced options setting is also on when he plays the game
  • The Edit Hold Time setting is set at 0.1% by Faze for Fortnite

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Keybinds of Faze Sway Settings

Before opting for the utmost perfection in a game, one must be familiar with the keybinds that work well for them.  Faze sway has unique keybinds. Here are crucial keybinds controls that help faze Sway in performing the best in Fortnite:

Build control

  • The input for L2 key for Faze is Aim Down sight
  • For L1 the input is the previous weapon
  • The input for R2 he uses Attack or confirms the input
  • For D-Pad Up he uses inventory option
  • The input for or D-Pad left input Place Maker
  • For D-Pad Right, the input is Replay Last Emote
  • The input for D-Pad Down, The input Sway use is Emote Replay
  • For Triangle, square, and circle he uses edit, reloads, and switch-mode respectively
  • With option button, Faze sway access Game Menu
  • The touch helps him in accessing the Game Menu

Final Words

Make sure you are using these Faze Sway Settings on gaming PC because normal PC may not give you the best performance. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section.

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