Fortnite Pro Settings, Sensitivity & Gear List Setup (2021)

Fortnite is the game that took the gaming world by the storm. It has been in the higher ratings for such a long time and not just that it has been installed millions of times by the players. Learn about the amazing Fortnite Pro Settings and gears that will help you getting victories in games. Each professional Fortnite Game player has a preference for settings. Once you apply these in-games setting, you will find a vivid difference in your gaming abilities.

With these settings, players can upgrade their GPI, Sensitivity, and Resolution. By far we have seen many players getting successful in the gameplay but no one can take Bugha’s place. Bugha won the first World Cup of Fortnite. You can find his streams on Twitch posted regularly. Bugha regularly uploads the highlight of his gameplay on his YouTube channel.

fortnite pro settings

Fortnite Pro Settings

  • The Frame Rate Limit that Bugha uses is 240 FPS
  • The resolution that he uses is always 1920 by 1080 by 16:9
  • He chooses Medium setting for View Distance
  • The Post Processing, Texture, and Effects are kept low by him to perform the best in the gameplay
  • The Motion Blur, Vsync, and Show FPS settings are set to OFF
  • He set the 3D Resolution to 1920 by 1090
  • Bugha set the Brightness Calibration to 0.5 value

Sensitivity Settings

The game sensitivity holds the utmost importance. For achieving victory in Fortnite, apply these changes which we shared on Tech Fus and you will get the results that you are looking for. Here are the game settings that Bugha applies before going for the gameplay.

  • He keeps Mouse Targeting Sensitivity to 0.303
  • The Mouse Sensitivity X is kept at 0.180 value, the value for Mouse Sensitivity Y is also the same
  • Mouse DPI that he uses is 400
  • The Polling rate at which he plays the game is 500 Hz
  • The Aim assist is kept on while the Fortnite game lay
  • The value of Edit Delay is kept at 0.110 value
  • The HUD scale that Bugha prefer using is 0.76
  • Mouse Scope Sensitivity is kept at 0.392

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Keybinds Fortnite Pro Settings

Customizing Keybinds to achieve victory in each gaming session is very important. Here are the Keybinds that Bugha applies.

  • For the sprint, he uses Left Shift
  • The Jump is done by pressing the Space bar
  • The Crouch is done by Left Control in the Keyboard
  • The Upgrade is set on J
  • For Harvesting Tool, he uses 1
  • The Building Slot is set on the X key
  • Building Slot 2 is set on V key
  • The Building Slot 3 and 4 are set on C and F respectively
  • For Map, he presses M
  • For Emote Key, Bugha use B
  • For Building Edit, he uses G whereas for inventory Bugha uses I
  • For 5 weapons Slot, 5 digits in the Keyboard are used by him because it gets easier that way.
  • For using the Trap option, he uses the T key on the Keyboard.

Final  Words

So, these are Fortnite Pro Settings for you. I suggest you to must apply these settings if you really want to enjoy a smooth game. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section.

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