Fortnite Tracker – Get Fortnite Leaderboards & Stats (2021)

In 2017, Epic Games developed an online video game by the name of Fortnite. It has three distinct game mode versions. In this game, up to four players fight with creatures resembling zombies. Fortnite is a game where up to 100 players can fight and survive until the last player plays. In Fortnite Creative, the player has complete freedom to create battle arenas and the world. Creative was released on December 6th, 2018. Fortnite Tracker is available for macOS, Windows, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Android devices.

fortnite tracker

Fortnite Tracker

Fortunate has three different modes. Each has art assets, similar graphics, and game mechanics. In Fortnite battle royale, up to 100 players can play duo or in the squad. It is a game in which players try to survive themselves. The game updates the players about their actions by displaying flashes on the screen. One more exciting aspect of the game is its construction material. The players can make walls, hurdles or obstacles to protect themselves from coming fire.

The gamers are always enthusiastic to know about their achievements and the exact score they made. So, Tech Fus Fortnite tracker provides you with full knowledge of your achievements. Not only your performance, but you can also keep a record of the performance of your opponents. So now it’s easy for you to plan your moves and win the game, all because of the Fortnite tracker.


STATUS V2 is the latest version of Fortnite tracker that works the same as the previous version do. In the previous one, the player can see only his stats. The new version has advanced features that allow the users to see others’stats. So you can spy on the performance of your friends and opponents too.


Leaderboards display all the current and previous tournament updates. At all events, it exhibits what would be the role of the players. It also tells us about the rules and price poles of several events. So you can have an overview of each of the previous tournaments’ stats on the go.

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How to Use Fortnite Tracker?

Simply you have to click the link. Then wait for a while, probably 5 minutes. After that, simply click the images of Fortnite. When the game pages open, start downloading. If those pages send you to any other website, go back and again click the download option.

Fortnite tracker is incredible in this regard that it provides stats of every player. All the information related to your played game is available. Detailed charts are also provided to show what was your previous performance. You can get to know very clearly how much you improved over time.

Final words

The Fortnite tracker has added more advanced leaderboards and stats to upgrade the game. Moreover, Fortnite tracker is applicable to Android phones and iOS. So, no matter which mobile you use, download Fortnite tracker easily on your device. If you are an enthusiastic player, you’ll surely enjoy the thrill of this fantastic game. So don’t forget to write back to us about your opinion regarding Fortnite tracker.

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