Mongraal Fortntie Settings, Setup, Keybinds & Sensitivity (Updated) 2021

Kyle Mongraal is a renowned video game player. He became famous with his extra-ordinary gaming skills and he became a part of Faze Clan in 2019. With millions of subscribers on YouTube, this youngest Fortnite player is highly appreciated by his fans throughout the world. Every gamer definitely wants to know about Mongraal settings to play the game just like Mongraal.

This talented player who belongs to Europe has qualified four times for the Fortnite World Cup finals in 2019. This brilliant player believes that daily training is very important when you want to improve your gaming skills. The young players who are greatly inspired by Mongraal should definitely try the settings used by Mongraal. You can anytime customize the settings to play the game with your comfort level.

mongraal settings

Mongraal Settings with Mouse

Whenever you are playing a video game make sure the mouse settings are perfectly set and the same is done by Mongraal. The DPI is set to 800. Both the X-axis and y-axis sensitivity is 5.5 % approximately. The targeting sensitivity, as well as scope sensitivity, should be set to 42.5%. Finally, the polling rate frequency has to be around 1000 Hz. That’s really crazy for players.

Video settings of Mongraal

When we talk about Mongraal’s video settings then the view distance settings are set to epic in order to get maximum FPS in Tech Fus.  With these settings, Mongraal is able to find the rob site and also notice the storm. The colorblind settings are also enabled in order to detect the enemies even if they are far away.  The window mode is set to full screen. With 100% brightness, the FPS is set to 240. The textures and effects are set to low while keeping anti-aliasing settings off.

Keybinds of Mongraal

When it comes to building your fort then Mongraal finds it comfortable to play the game with his mouse. In this way, the space on your keyboard will be available and this makes it easier for a player to switch between the guns. Mongraal has kept his harvesting tool and three guns near the movement keys. He uses mouse 4 for stairs and mouse 5 for the wall.

You can rotate the building pieces through the mouse wheel button and make use of trap by pressing C. There are maximum weapon slots available in which you can set weapons by assigning specific keys to them.

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Final Thought

Playing the game by using Mongraal settings is the dream of every Fortnite player. He has great expertise in playing the game and every time he focuses on regular training so that he can improve his performance with every passing day. Now all the Mongraal fans will be very pleased because we have shared his game settings with you.

You can follow all his settings but you can also customize these settings when required because playing the game with maximum comfort level is very important. I am sure the next time when you play Fortnite then Mongraal settings will help you a lot to give your best performance.

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