Overwatch Pro Settings, Gear List & Sensitivity Setup (2021)

Overwatch pro settings can significantly enhance your game. To do these settings, we need a lot of time and experimentation. Overwatch pro settings include mouse DPI, mouse Hz, OW sensitivity/zoom – sensitivity, FOV, Resolution, and setups. Adjust the settings to your liking and try different mouse or keyboards until you feel comfortable. Here are a few recommended settings of Overwatch Pro by experts.

overwatch pro settings

Overwatch Pro Settings

Once you’ve bought a gaming mouse for yourself, you must use it correctly. eDPI is basically the easiest method to compare your sensitivity in FPS games. For example, if a player has a mouse DPI of 1000 and he uses an in-game sensitivity of 2.6, then his eDPI would be 1000×2.6=2600 eDPI. 

Overwatch Pro Sensitivity Settings

Most pro players use low sensitivity because it makes your aim more compatible and less anxious. With very high sensitivity, you won’t be able to make micro-adjustments to your aim. A lot of players use different settings regarding eDPI. We will use the eDPI to calculate the true sensitivity of players. For example, the average Overwatch pro has to move their mouse 28 centimeters to perform a 360-degree turn in the game.

eDPI for Overwatch

eDPI stands for “effective Dots Per Inch”. The eDPI takes two metrics (mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity) into account. This way, you don’t end up with an endless amount of different settings in TechFus, which equate to the same sensitivity, and you get an easy metric to compare true sensitivity. To calculate the eDPI, you simply multiply your mouse sensitivity with the DPI of your mouse. Have a look at this example:

Pro player X is using a DPI of 1600 and a sensitivity of 3.37.

Formula: Sensitivity  x DPI = eDPI

eDPI: 1600 x 3.37 = 5392

Overwatch video settings

144 FPS is better, but reaching 60 FPS is a must for video settings.  So, decrease graphical fidelity and improve your chance to react and perform on the highest rates level. If you encounter unexpected FPS issues, go to your settings, disable ‘reduce buffering’, click Apply, and then enable it again.

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The refresh rate for Overwatch

Overwatch is a hectic game. And you must be able to follow what’s going on in the game without any disturbance. It’s for that reason that the vast majority of Overwatch professionals are on 240Hz monitors along with, of course, a PC that can deliver at least 240 FPS.

Best Resolution and FOV for Overwatch

Most players use 1920×1080 resolution. Lowering your resolution offers miniature to no visual benefits. A reduction of your resolution to 1280×720 can give a massive boost to your gaming performance and FPS. When it comes to FOV, you just want to have it at the maximum setting. 


Overwatch is a ‘good’ game in the sense that almost everyone uses the same resolution. There is no need to improve with every possible setting to get your game just right. Just make sure to follow the basic guidelines and make sure your sensitivity isn’t disgraceful. Make sure you’re getting enough FPS, and your game is ready to play.

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