Download PUBG GFX for Android & IOS {Latest Version} 2021

PUBG is a world-famous game that is popular among gamers of all ages. It was first available on Microsoft’s Windows platform in a premium version. Later, when it became free for Android users, its popularity reached to another level. When you play PUBG on Android phones, it creates low-performance issues in mobiles. To overcome all this, PUBG GFX Tool for graphics is available to run PUBG on your mobile phone smoothly.

PUBG GFX is basically a useful graphic tool that unlocks different settings for PUBG Mobile. All the PUBG lovers are thankful to GFX Tool for allowing them to enjoy this game on their mobiles.

pubg gfx


GFX Tool is the most downloaded graphics tool of PUBG Mobile on Google Play Store. Install the app on your mobile, and you’ll see many options there. Among these so many options, you’ll have to check out each to judge which works best for you.

Why is PUBG GFX getting popular?

PUBG Mobile is a resource-consuming game. It doesn’t run on mobiles smoothly. GFX Tool is launched to make PUBG run efficiently on your mobile phones. This graphics Tool gives the ultimate experience of playing the game, the same as you play on your PC. The game can run smoothly on your mobile if it has enough specs compatible with the graphics tool.

How to use GFX tool

In Tech Fus, GFX Tool is available on Android phones and is compatible with every version (either Chinese or International). When you download and install this Tool, close PUBG Mobile if it’s still running. Now, customize graphics settings for the game on your mobile.

PUBG GFX Features

  • Select PUBG Mobile’s newer version.
  • You’ll have to choose graphics and resolution matching your mobile’s capacity.
  • Select 60 FPS (frame per second).
  • 3 options of HD are available; realistic, colorful, and classic. The game will become heavy if you unlock it.
  • After setting all this, just click the accept button. An ad plays automatically by the app, and with that, you are done with the settings.

If any problem occurs during the play, press the repair button, and stop the game. You can resolve the issue by restarting the GFX App.

You can play this game even on low-quality devices by setting low graphics that are totally free of lag. PUBG GFX’s latest version is 0.7, but still, in many countries, 0.6 is used. You must check the version of your game and then apply the GFX Tool.

The ‘style’ of the GFX refers to the colors so, you can select your favorite filter through this option.

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Final words

Every problem has a solution if we try to find it out. PUBG GFX is such an exceptional remedy of lagging that was preventing the PUBG lovers from their favorite online sport. So, if you are fond of playing PUBG, enjoy this fabulous game on your mobile fearlessly with graphics Tool. And don’t forget to share your experience with us when you enjoy the game.

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