PUBG Settings – Best Sensitivity & Controls Setup Guide (2021)

PUBG Settings – PUBG “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, is an Online royale battle game entertaining multiplayer at a time. It is launched and developed by “PUBG corporation”, which is under the control of a Korean video game company named “Bluehole”. PUBG is inspired from a Japanese movie “Battle Royale”.

In this game, up to 100 players land onto an island. They search and collect weapons and equipment to kill opponents while trying to escape themselves from getting killed. The last player or the team surviving wins the round. To win PUBG, you should know the correct settings.

pubg settings

PUBG Settings

There are some settings in the game which help the player and make the game more interesting. We reveal every setting in TechFus. The player can adjust graphics by selecting the “Graphics” option in the setting and can choose the desired display. Some people choose the “smooth” option for the device with lower specs. Some like the same settings because it allows them to play in the highest resolution for a better view.

This game is very popular among youth. PUBG Corporation has arranged many small tournaments. There are also some tools in the game by which players can broadcast their game to the observers. Because of its popularity, this game is nominated for the “Game Of The Year”. On the other side, the game has also been banned in some countries for being addictive and harmful to young players.

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Some helpful and amazing PUBG settings

Open “Settings” and select the “Open Scope” option. “Hold to Lean”, to see your enemies and shoot them before they kill you. Also, enable a very useful option, “Peek & Fire” in settings for faster gameplay. Remember to choose the “max frame rate”. It will allow you to find and kill your enemies faster and smoothly. A better frame rate makes the game performance better. For well-functioning in-game, select “Smooth” in quality and then set the frame rate to “Extreme”.

To make control more sensitive and useful for players, enable “3D Touch” in setting, this will also avoid pressing the wrong buttons. To prevent your mobile from being overloaded, disable the “Graphics Auto Adjust”, this will also make game performance superb and fast. For a good contest and to efficiently aim at your enemies, you need to “Change Crosshair Colour”.

By disabling the option of “Anti-Aliasing” can prevent your mobile from overheating. Adjust the controls and do practice according to yourself. Choose the settings which you can handle easily. To adjust the button size and location, press the “Customize” option located on the bottom of the control setting. For excellent driving in the game, there are three options. Default is good, but the rightmost is preferable for better visualizations. 

Adjust “Aim Sensitivity” according to yourself by testing the sensitivity rate on the wall. The best option in “Loot Pickup” settings is “Auto Loot”. It will make the moves automatic. Turn up sound of game to hear enemies’ slightest movement and for a better experience of the game. There is a voice chat option in the game. Set it to “Team” because selecting the “World” option can make your opponents hear your voice.

Final words

Try the settings we suggested above. Do write to us about your experience if you like our recommendations.

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