Rainbow Six Siege Pro Settings {Graphics & Gear List} 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Pro Settings – You can play games whether you are at any stage of your life and enjoy it fully. All you need is to have an interest. You can play and have some fun. Besides this, you can also earn from games. People love to play games.

Nowadays, the Rainbow Six Siege is in trend. Do you play Rainbow Six Siege? Are you a pro in playing Rainbow Six Siege? Suppose you want to remove the error and want to play without any disturbance. What if you can do a perfect pro setting? Then this can be a great starting point.

Rainbow Six Siege settings

Rainbow Six Siege Pro Settings

Due to inferior gadgets and low game settings, many players can’t work well during games. Do you want to know the pro setting for a better game experience? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place to get a settings guide for Rainbow Six Siege Pro.

Computer configuration

You need to make sure your computer itself is appropriately working and optimized. It must be in high-performance mode. First, update your graphic drivers then will be a performance improvement.

Mouse Configuration

Go to window setting and remove mouse acceleration through mouse setting. 

In-Game settings

You need to do the following in-game settings for optimal results.

Field of view

The field of view is totally up to you whether you want to increase or decrease. If you increase field view up, then you can view more things. But in this case, items will be smaller than before. If you set it on low, things will look more zoomed. Its benefit is that you can find your enemies more closely. It can be a competitive edge for you. The professional size for the field of view is 80-85.


Keep brightness the 65 if you want maximum optimum brightness. It will show good images.


The recommended size of the resolution is 1920 × 1080. If you have insufficient FPS, then you can put a smaller size.

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Graphics settings

You can do the following graphics settings.

Overall quality

Please set the quality on “custom”. For example, you want to play in good quality. This setting will help you gain the desired results. On the other hand, if you don’t change the setting, your overall quality will not be good. 

Level of details (LOD)

 LOD is an essential setting. It refers to graphic details. You can change the setting low to high. Because if you keep it low, as a result, your objects will look like a triangle. It will show precisely the object the way it is. It will be even more impressive.

Texture filtering

Texture filtering tells about the color or texture, and you can take shade from a nearby surface. You should select Anisotropic 8x if you want a sharp texture. You can put 2x or 4x if you’re going to take a good FPS during the game.

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Shadow quality

Maintaining your shadow quality is an equally important setting as compared to other settings. If you have low shadow quality because of this, you can’t see the player’s shadow. If you put on high quality, it will eat away your frame. It’s better to set the quality on “medium”.

Reflection quality

Never keep your reflection quality high. For instance, If you change the setting by putting it on high, it will just make your enemy pretty. It can’t do something else. Besides this, it’s best to keep it low and give you the best performance.

Texture quality

Keep the texture quality “Medium”. It will not create a blurry image, and you can quickly identify and kill your enemies.

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