Rocket League Camera Settings List for Pro Players (2021)

Rocket League Camera Settings – Over the past few years, Rocket League has become one of the most highlighted Esports. Although the default camera settings in the Rocket League are not that bad if the players are fond of playing the matches with other players or even the bots then they should change the default camera settings. This will help the players in enhancing their skills by scoring more goals and going further in the field.

rocket league camera settings

How to change the Rocket League Camera Settings?

To change the settings, users should either stop their match or go back to the main menu option. Click on the camera Tab, the settings that are recommended will appear on the screen. We reveal every setting in Tech Fus for you.

What are Good Rocket League Camera Settings?

Here are some decent camera settings to go for in the game:

Camera Stiffness

It is the best if camera keeps on being stiff. So, leave the default value of 0 selected.

Camera FOV

The recommended value for this setting is 90. To get the best out of the game turn it into 100. This will help you see more of the field while driving. Users can also increase it to 110 for a better angle. So, to get your hands on the best, try testing both these values and choose what is comfortable for you to play with.

Camera Distance

This setting will enhance the fact of how far a camera is situated behind the car. The recommended value for this setting is 240. The experts however recommend changing the setting to 250 for a better experience in the game. Do not exceed this value because then the camera will be located too far causing serious problems of hitting the ball with the car.

Camera Height

With this setting, you can control the height of the camera. Keep the default value of 100 to excel in the game as any other value than this can be problematic.

Camera Angle

The Rocket league camera settings refer to the angle with which the camera faces towards the player’s car.  Do not make any adjustments to the recommended setting as it is chosen by the experts in the game.  The default setting is about -5 degrees. Any angle than this can cause serious problems in the gameplay as the clarity of the game otherwise wear down and players are unable to play with the concentration as they are supposed to.

Camera Shake setting

The camera constantly shakes while a player is in the gameplay session. This recreates the originality of the game as it mimics the high speed and all the possible crashes that the user takes part in. To play with high efficiency, users should turn off the setting as it can make the gameplay very hard and challenge.

Ball Cam indicator

Players should keep the setting in activated mode. This setting helps the player in analyzing the stats of ball cam. The bottom left corner of the ball indicates whether the setting is turned off or on.

Camera Swivel Speed

In these settings, users can control the speed of the turning of the camera along with their car. Keep this setting on 2.50.

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Final Words

These Rocket League Camera Settings are written after researching from different resources. These are the best settings you can find for the camera. So, enjoy these settings by applying them.

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