Rocket League Settings, Sensitivity & Control Setup (2021)

Rocket league settings – At first glance, the Rocket league may seem like a simple game, but if you spend the time, you will find that it is not that much easy. Rocket League has grown to become one of the most prominent sports over the last years.            

This Rocket league pro setting guide will help improve your game.

rocket league settings

Rocket League Settings

We recommend the following camera settings.

Camera shake: Turn off this immediately. It is the awkward shaking that you get when you jump, hit the ball, and the land gets bumped. It’s very distracting, so if you still have this “ON”, switch it “OFF”.

Distance: This is how far away from your car the camera will sit. A good guide for this would be somewhere between 250-300 units.

Height: This is how high above the car the camera sits. Most of the people tend to sit this one at approximately 110 units.

Video Settings

Use the following video settings we mentioned here in Techfus for a better gaming experience.

Resolution: Just use the native resolution of your screen. There are no real benefits to gain from using different resolutions or aspects in this game.

Window mode: It’s probably best to go for a full screen. 

Vertical sync: This causes input lag, so turn it off.

Render quality: Put this on high quality.

Max FPS: Set this to the highest possible option. The more FPS you get, the smoother your game will be.

Control settings

Use the following settings for the smooth control of Rocket League Pro.

Push to talk: Voice chat does not work in this game. So you can uncheck this box.

Controller dead zone: This is how much you have to move your analog stick before your car starts to run. Most Rocket League pro seems to be ranging from 0.05=5% to 0.15=15% with the usual outliers.

Dodge dead zone: This is similar to the controller dead zone, but its how far you need to push the analog stick when trying to flip your car in specific directions.

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Other useful settings

Chat setting: In the gameplay tab, you can set your text chat to “Quick chat only”, “Team only”, “Team quick chat only”, or you can disable it altogether.

Rank information settings: Again, in the game tab play, you can choose to hide your division if you are someone who gets into a bit of a panic when you think you are in a rank up game. You can also hide your ranks in extra mode playlist such as RUMBLE, HOOPS, etc.

Networks settings: Also in the gameplay tab, there are three network setting

1: clients send rate

2: server send rate

3: bandwidth limit

These should all set to high to ensure you get the best possible performance.


I hope that this guide will serve as a good starting point for you to figure out your setting and work out what’s best for you. Don’t forget to share your experience with us when you follow these settings.

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