Valorant Pro Settings, Control, Sensitivity & Keybinds Setup (2021)

Valorant pro is a popular shooter game that is developed by the company Riot Games. Riot has done a marvelous job. With 128-tick servers, a good anti-cheat, it is an engine built game that can run at 60+ frames per second even on the older computers. Let’s Discuss Valorant Pro Settings here.

Optimizing the sensitivity and settings is the best way to progress at any game. It is evident that playing more and practicing consistently is the best way to get better, but having an unoptimized setting will not work against the rest of the competitors. This guide has been created to help the players get advanced settings of Varolant Pro.

valorant pro settings

Valorant Pro Settings

The average eDPI is 277 at this point. It means that the average player has to move his mouse 47 centimeters to make a turn of 360 degrees the game. For the scoped sensitivity multiplier, the average settings sit at 0.95. To match the ADS sensitivity for consistency’s sake, you can also go for ”1”.

Best Minimap Settings for Valorant Pro

In Techfus, we discuss the minimap setting usually depends upon the player’s preference. By setting a minimap to ”rotate” it becomes easier to see where the things are happening relative to your position.

Best Crosshair Settings for Valorant Pro

Turn on ‘movement error’ and ‘firing error’ options for all the layers of your crosshair. That will make your crosshair dynamic and will let you know immediately when you are not 100% accurate due to your character being on the move or if it gets hit by the enemy. You can sometimes find your crosshair being too distractive. So, you can turn it ‘on’ or ‘off’ depending on your preference. 

Best Resolution and Fresh Rate for Valorant Pro

It is a competitive shooter game in nature. So you will want to get every bit of advantage from it. Invest some money and get yourself a high refresh monitor to have a dominant hand on the opponent competitor. Avoid a regular 60 Hz monitor. Get yourself a monitor that can run your game at 1080 x 1920.

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Best Audio Settings for Valorant Pro

Audio and music have nothing to do with your game’s performance. Infect you may sometimes find it distracting, particularly at the crucial moments of the game. It might also affect your competitiveness. So, turning it off will be a better option. Again your preference is all that matters here. So if you enjoy the audio while playing the game, you can keep it on.

Best Video Settings for Valorant Pro

All the games that have a competitive nature require you to maximize your frame rate so that you can get the smoothest game possible. A higher frame rate provides you with plenty of advantages. Now, valorant is not a challenging game to run. So set something like RTX 2060 super.


Valorant pro is a brand new game. Its settings are being updated regularly. So you may find a handful of useful options soon. But for now, these settings will surely help you become a competitive player. While you implement these settings, don’t forget to share your gaming experience with us.

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