Download YouTube Vanced APK {with MicroG} for Android & IOS (2021)

Without a doubt, YouTube Vanced is a very renowned application. It doesn’t need any definition or introduction for sure. In fact, it provides us an excellent medium of entertainment from all around the world. It has been winning millions of hearts with innovative and remarkable ideas.

To facilitate users with advanced and updated features, YouTube Vanced has been developed. It is a modified version of YouTube. Same as original YouTube, you can like, comment, and subscribe to videos but have upgraded features. These features are unfortunately not available on the original YouTube. YouTube Vanced is something with quality and advanced features. It is beloved by millions of people for being user-friendly and upgraded.

Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced has many unique features that are initially not available in the original YouTube. If you really want to use the premium version of YouTube without paying any coin, then this addicted version is for you. In this article, we will discuss some cool and unbeatable features of YouTube Vanced on Tech Fus, that will surely melt your heart.

Youtube Vanced Features

  • No Ads
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • Free for lifetime
  • Available in all countries
  • Background playback
  • No sign in required

Built-in Adblocker

YouTube ads are the most annoying thing one could experience. A lot of people preferably don’t want to see them. YouTube Vanced has solved this problem of its users. It has a built-in ad blocker that blocks the ads. You can set it according to your choice in the setting tab.

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Background Playback

Playing a YouTube video outside of the YouTube app was a dream until Vanced has launched. The premium version of YouTube also offers this feature. But of course, why would you pay for something that you can get free of cost. You can now enjoy watching your YouTube videos along with other apps. 

Force HDR Mode

HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”. The purpose of HDR is to improve video quality and to provide impressive results to the user. Usually, HDR is not supportable by every phone. But YouTube Vanced can force it to have the HDR mode. 

Pinch to Zoom for All Devices

If you’re using the original version of YouTube, you can only get this feature if your phone consists of a taller aspect ratio. Such as the Samsung Galaxy S9. Luckily, YouTube Vanced allows you to use this feature on any phone. 

Secondary Themes

People often want something new for their YouTube wall. They look for some incredible and attractive color themes. Vanced has a few color themes that you should definitely try. It has a dark mode as well, which is being favorite of many people. It also offers a few other colors. So you can choose the theme of your choice.

Repeat Videos

After reading this article, this feature is going to be your favorite. Vanced allows you to repeat any of your favorite videos. This feature is an obvious choice for music videos. You can repeat a video automatically over and over. It can be used for any videos.

Swipe Controls for Volume and Brightness

This feature will help you a lot when you are watching a video on a full screen. You don’t have to minimize the screen to increase or decrease the volume or brightness. You can simply swipe on your screen to adjust these things.


Are you excited to try YouTube Vanced? While you do so, don’t forget to share your experience with us. Many people are using this amazing app and they are really enjoying it. So why don’t you?. If you have any questions related to this app, you can ask in the comment section.

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